A wedding is a unique and non-recurring event. Therefore, we have a particularly high level of responsibility for the perfect production of your wedding film. No moment should be missed, no pictures may be defective. 





Reasons for a wedding video ... 



First your memories fade with time ... 

Do you remember your birthday ten years ago? That time passes quickly, we know ... 

Even with your wedding it will be. Memories fade with time. Your wedding video will preserve the best moments - forever! Get your wedding video every year on your wedding day out and share with your partner or your partner the beautiful thoughts and memories of your wedding. 


A second film captures all the moods 

Experience the atmosphere of your wedding ceremony and your celebration again. Movements, voices, sounds, music - all that you can not hold it with photos. With a wedding video you are again returned to the mood that you felt on your wedding day. 



3rd you will experience the most beautiful day of your life, as often as you want 

Meet with your family and friends and take a look together on your wedding video. Take a leisurely evening or an invitation for family members it! You will always discover new things. Let us work together to pass this beautiful day in review. 


4 Let celebrate your friends - you have invited them to yes 

Maybe you have a relative offered to film your wedding. But he should not rather celebrate? To film a wedding video, requires constant attention and professional equipment. Would not you be sad if the most important events of your wedding or party missing? Or are blurred to see? 

After the ceremony, the video needs to be reworked, a task for which you should allow about 40 to 50 working hours (!). Such "friendship service" often disappear untreated in the sinking and damaging relations. If you're lucky, you get handed the tape unprocessed and may fast forward for hours because no one feels like half an hour listening to the boring singing in the church. 

Let's celebrate with your friends dear! We create your wedding video professionally in custom lengths and quality, so you have time to enjoy it. And so afterwards nothing is missing, what would you miss sorely ... 


5 The costs are manageable 

Also on the cost you have to speak. A wedding is already a costly affair. The ceremony, your bridal gown, the band, the DJ, the wedding rings - all of which will eventually be paid. Many bridal couples finance spending their wedding so by the gifts they receive. 

But just think about what you will after your wedding. You have invested so much time and effort in the preparations, but then the hard rushes too fast past you. Many bridal couples say you "in a trance" were on the day of celebration. They had the feeling not to have the impressions of the day and the emotional tension noticed it right. With your wedding video you are simultaneously actor and audience! 

From conversations and letters of many satisfied brides and grooms, we know that no couple has to purchase his wedding videos ever regretted not a married couple would want to do without his wedding video. 


6 Could not celebrate friends and relatives, they can witness your wedding anyway 

Show friends and relatives who could not join the party, perhaps because they live too far away, your wedding video or send them a copy of the film by mail. So you can carry all the wonderful impressions even across distances and divide. 


7 you have a service you can rely on the fully 

After a telephone or personal meeting and commissioning your wedding video is produced entirely in the background. You have a reliable service provider and have to worry about anything. We are already ready movie while you still move, we assist you in outer appointment with your photographer and keep the entire party for firmly until all Important "in the box" is. This all happens in the background, with professional recording equipment and a lot of wedding expertise. Trust in our experience.